Series on Earth Jurisprudence


Katrina Lehmann-Grube

In order to raise awareness about Earth Jurisprudence, the Wild Law Institute is producing a series of short papers.

In many places, including South Africa, relatively little is known or understood about Earth Jurisprudence and Rights of Nature. In order to address this, the Wild Law Institute is producing a series of short, easy to understand papers. These papers aim to highlight the ways in which this approach is relevant for numerous other struggles and topics and can provide a new perspective on theoretical debates and innovative legal tools.

Published papers: 

-       Earth Jurisprudence and Systemic Change

-       Earth Jurisprudence and Climate change

-       Earth Jurisprudence and African Philosophy

-       Earth Jurisprudence, Land and Property

-       Earth Jurisprudence and Human Rights

Upcoming topics include: 

-       Earth Jurisprudence and Antarctica

-       Earth Jurisprudence and Oceans