Rights of Nature Movement

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and Tribunal Story

The story of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature and the Ethics More at http://therightsofnature.org/ga-ron-v...Learn about the origins of the Rights of Nature movement as Ecuador becomes the first country to include Rights of Nature in its Constitution and communities across the United States adopt Rights of Nature and assert their community rights. Travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia for the creation and proclamation of the Universal Declaration for the Rights of Mother Earth. Experience the 2014 Global Rights of Nature Summit and the launch of the first Permanent Rights of Nature Ethics Tribunal.

Thank you to Siegmund Thies and Norie Huddle for producing this video in both English and Spanish!  Siegmund and Norie have been documenting the history of Rights of Nature in Ecuador and the Peoples Conference on Climate Change and Rights of Mother Earth in Bolivia, April 2010.  Norie and her husband Richard brought forth the first Rights of Nature case in Ecuador and won on behalf of the Vilcabamba River.